EzGourmet [TM] --- Professional Version

EzGourmet [TM] --- Professional Version 3.0.c

EzGourmet ProfessionalThis Professional Version comes with 23...

EzGourmet ProfessionalThis Professional Version comes with 23 cookbooks. All of the high quality, hand selected, kitchen tested recipes that you love.

For less that $1. 00 per cookbook. A terrific value for EzGourmet quality! Unlike the free version of EzGourmet, EzGourmet Pro allows you to create your OWN EzGourmet recipe collections, as well as to enjoy ours.

If you have ever went searching through a cookbook looking for a recipe that you just knew was in there. but wasn't. then you will want to let EzGourmet help you search, bookmark, and collect an unlimited number of recipes as an unlimited number of cookbooks!

One of the reasons why we keep winning 5-Star Awards! So let EzGourmet Professional manage your own recipes right along side of your other cookbooks.

You will even be able to even import millions of other recipes into EzGourmet Professional! Safeguarding your RecipesTrusting your recipes to one of those "recipe sites"?

What if the web site goes away? Even worse, what if the webmaster is just plain dishonest -not caring for your work properly? Years of recipe collections can disappear overnight!

Because EzGourmet runs on YOUR computer, you can rest assured that your recipes are safe. Just drag and drop the Cookpedia. com folder on your C:\ drive to an inexpensive USB, Zip, or writable CD Drive - Backing up your work can be just that easy!

Ever want to Publish your own Recipes? EzGourmet allows you to browse, print and email your recipes - Right from the browser that you are using to read this.

Industrial strength copy protection provides the security to ensure that your recipes can only be viewed one at a time, rather than copied en masse.

The more recipes you have, the safer EzGourmet keeps them! So order the Professional version of EzGourmet today. Independently certified virus free, our money-back guarantee coupled with our "Free Product Upgrades for Life (*)" policy takes the risk out of cookbook and recipe collection!

EzGourmet [TM] --- Professional Version


EzGourmet [TM] --- Professional Version 3.0.c